This website is a little window into my creativity. For me, art is totally about the process and the joys of making, rather than just the finished piece. Its  about exploration, freedom and the satisfaction of my soul. Most of what I make is simply for the real pleasure of making something, often out of nothing. And it all starts with the desire to create, to birth, to bring forth something from within myself - art.

                ..  texture painting on canvas ..

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Making art is a way to create things that inspire me. I try to re-use materials as much as possible, whilst still being flexible in the moment. Experimenting is exciting and I like to see where it can take me. I tend to use non-toxic, low-impact materials for my creative projects and enjoy working with paper, clay, wool & wax the most. Art is my adventure and a way to honour the free creative spirit within me.

               ..  sugar water and ink on paper ..